January 10, 2013

Hospital time?

Many minor surgical procedures on the skin and nails of the foot can be safely performed in an office-based clinical setting, under local anaesthesia. Podiatrists around the world have been safely performing ingrown toenail surgery in this manner for many decades. The Ingrown Toenail Centre uses autoclaved and validated surgical instruments for your health and safety. Because there is no need for heavy sedation or a general anaesthestic, you are able to return home almost immediately after the procedure. And because there are no hospital or anaesthetist fees, the procedure is usually less costly.

We understand that some people can become very worried and anxious about having minor surgery under local anaesthetic. If you are ‘needle-phobic’ or suffer from anxiety about the procedure, we are able to provide you with some sedation to reduce your stress and concerns. We commonly use Penthrox (“the green whistle”) which can be inhaled immediately prior to, and during the injections to calm you for the procedure. An additional fee applies to the use of Penthrox sedation.

Alternatively, we can prescribe a dose of a benzodiazepine (like Valium), which is a tablet that can be taken about 1 hour prior to the procedure. A responsible adult will be required to drive you to and from the procedure in this circumstance.

Please contact us if you are worried or concerned about having injections, or the procedure in general, and talk to one of our friendly podiatrists about your sedation options.

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