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January 10, 2013

Is it painful?

Advances in techniques over the years have allowed podiatrists to use local anaesthesia to produce a highly effective ‘block’ of your toe, so that there is absolutely no discomfort or pain during or immediately after the procedure. There are typically two injections given in the base of the toe, that only sting slightly whilst they […]


Pain afterwards?

Because there is no cutting through the skin, or stiches, the procedure preferred at the Ingrown Toenail Centre rarely causes a lot of post operative pain. It is almost like a form of ‘keyhole’ surgery. Most patients will manage their discomfort with simple over the counter pain medication, and elevation and rest. This usually lasts […]


Do I need an initial consultation?

All surgical procedures require careful assessment before we can advise if this is the right option for your problem. Our podiatrists need to review your overall health, medications, circulation and the nature and extent of your problem before we can give you the correct advice about treatment. Sometimes surgery is not necessary, and simple conservative […]


Reoccurring problem?

There are a large number of techniques that have been developed over the past 100 years to address ingrown toenails surgically. These vary from very aggressive procedures to minimally invasive techniques. Like all other types of surgery, there can never be a 100% guarantee of success, however the technique used by at the Ingrown Toenail […]


Safe for children?

Yes, if necessary. It is uncommon for younger children to require ingrown toenail surgery, unless they have a congenital problem with their nails. It is far more common in active teenagers and adults.


When can I walk?

Yes. Your toe will be numb for up to a couple of hours after you have the procedure. Please bring along a thong or open-toed sandal to wear home. We recommend you get a responsible adult to drive you home, and then try and elevate you foot as much as possible for next 24 to […]


Healing time?

If you are otherwise fit and healthy, the small wound will usually heal up over 2-3 weeks, and require a simple light dressing to keep it clean. There are no stitches that require removal. We will usually review your progress several times after the procedure to ensure there are no problems. If you have diabetes […]


Health fund cover?

At this time, Medicare does not cover ingrown toenail procedures undertaken by podiatrists. If you have private health insurance ‘Extra’s’ cover, there will commonly be a rebate for the surgical fee. This can be variable, and it is recommended you check with your individual health fund on what rebates are applicable to you. Your podiatrist […]


How will my toenail look?

For most people the cosmetic appearance of the nail is extremely important. The vast majority of the time we will endeavour to remove only a small portion of the outside edge/s of the nail, so that it still looks cosmetically acceptable. Generally, once healed, the nail simply looks slightly narrower. In particularly severe cases, for […]


Hospital time?

Many minor surgical procedures on the skin and nails of the foot can be safely performed in an office-based clinical setting, under local anaesthesia. Podiatrists around the world have been safely performing ingrown toenail surgery in this manner for many decades. The Ingrown Toenail Centre uses autoclaved and validated surgical instruments for your health and […]

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